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Hi, I am Joelene Parkhill, Depot Manager, Totara North.


I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of Port Nicholson Fisheries (PNF) factory in Totara North, to ensure our people can efficiently and effectively process kōura (crayfish) received by our fishers and enjoy their work while they do it.


I recently joined PNF from being a first mate deckhand on a kōura fishing boat. Working with kōura on the boat made me want to learn more about the process of what happens to kōura once they leave the boat and head to the PNF factory. The opportunity at Totara North was the perfect chance to join the team and do something that I love in a fantastic environment.


Prior to this I have had an interesting and diverse career in New Zealand and Australia including farming dry stock and dairy, being a Hydraulic Hose & Fittings Technician, a Manager Agent for BOC Gas in Australia, Mine process technician in iron ore, and office assistant roles (BHP Housing, Advanced Build).


Outside of work I love hunting (pig and deer), rodeo, fishing and camping and spending quality time with my family.


Port Nicholson Fisheries is a close, supportive, caring whanau. Everyone works hard as a team, has each other’s back, and does what they say they will. PNF has a great culture and leadership which has welcomed, supported, and guided me and recognised my contribution and efforts. I am really enjoying utilising my knowledge and experience from being a first mate deckhand to develop strategies to further improve the quality and health of our kōura to and from the factory.

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