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Live Southern Rock Lobster

Port Nicholson Fisheries has export-certified facilities in Auckland and Wellington New Zealand which receive live lobsters from seven depots located in Whitianga, Gisborne, Napier, Totara North, Waitangi and Owenga (both on the Chatham Islands, 770km east of mainland New Zealand). 

Once received, lobsters will typically be held in tanks with fresh seawater for one to three days before being packed for live export. 
Lobster / crayfish size grading with calipers
Lobster Grades, weights and carton count
Tank water quality is monitored daily and carefully adjusted to maintain an optimal balance of oxygen and minimal waste.  Only lobsters that meet a high standard of physical health are exported; those that are judged to be too weak for the 30+ hour journey to most overseas markets will be kept for domestic sale or frozen. 
Export lobsters are mildly sedated before packing in order to minimize movement and reduce the risk of injury, then hand-packed into insulated containers.  During their flight, the lobsters are kept in a temperature and pressure-controlled section of the cargo hold in order to maintain their best condition.


On arrival at their destination, once they have cleared customs, the lobsters may be tanked once more or sent directly by the consignee to restaurants, hotels or retail outlets.If you are a seafood importer or distributor feel free to contact us for an indication of current prices and terms of trade.

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