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Frozen Whole Lobster and Tails

Port Nicholson Fisheries has export facilities in Auckland and Wellington New Zealand which receive live lobsters from seven depots located in Whitianga, Gisborne, Napier, Totara North, Waitangi and Owenga (both on the Chatham Islands, 770km east of mainland New Zealand). 

Once received, lobsters will typically be held in tanks with fresh seawater for one to three days before being packed for live export to distributors and wholesalers overseas.  
Cutting open a lobster
Tail Counts
Only lobsters that meet a high standard of physical health are exported; those that are judged to be too weak for the 30+ hour journey to most overseas markets will be kept for domestic sale or humanely dispatched and either tailed or frozen. 

If you are a seafood importer or distributor feel free to contact us for an indication of current prices and terms of trade.
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