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New Zealand's remote coastline is renowned for its nutrient-rich, cold, unspoiled waters, from which the iconic red jasus edwardsii is live caught. 

We strive to keep our lobsters in their freshly-caught condition with minimal handling, environmentally controlled live storage tanks, rigorous cleaning and water quality protocols, through to careful hand-packing by experienced staff.

Our whole team practices workplace and food safety every day.  All staff are temperature-checked on arrival at work, with a zero-tolerance policy for any cold or flu symptoms, however minor they might be.  Port Nicholson's factory workers suit up in smocks, hair nets, cut-proof gloves and sanitised boots.

We are required to meet a number of food safety requirements under the Animal Products Act, regulated by New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries.  We therefore operate a risk management programme that is audited every three months, as well as complying with Overseas Market Access Requirements for destination markets.

With food safety at the forefront of our operations, we ensure our product is uncompromised and top quality when it reaches our customers.

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